Imported Rice         

       We have carefully selected the finest varieties of fragrant and specialty rice for our customers. You can
       be sure that you are getting authentic products with the highest level of purity and quality for this fast 
       growing market segment. 


Basmati rice is aromatic long grain rice that has a distinctive aroma and flavor similar to that of popcorn or roasted nuts. When cooked, it expands only lengthwise, resulting in long slender grains that are dry, separate and fluffy.


Jasmine rice is a variety of long grain rice cultivated in Thailand. It is very fragrant and when cooked it is slightly sticky, and flavorful. It is also known as Thai fragrant rice, a name that applies to the jasmine fragrance provided when the rice cooks.


Arborio rice is a large, bold rice with a characteristic white dot at the center of the grain. In terms of length/width ratio and starch characteristics, it is classified as a medium grain rice. Primarily used in risotto, this rice develops a creamy texture around a chewy center and has exceptional ability to absorb flavors.