Rice Ingredients

       Our Micro Pure rice flour and Rice Plus stabilized bran are available in a variety of specifications to meet
       your needs. Our food science and technical team are ready to help you pick the right product for your 
       processing application or distribution program.


Brown Rice Flour
Brown rice flour is flour that has been ground from brown rice kernels. These kernels have had the outer hulls removed, leaving the healthful bran layer. This whole grain flour is naturally gluten free and can be used as a wheat flour substitute in many dishes, especially in combination with other flours.


White Rice Flour
White rice flour is a type of flour produced from grinding polished rice. The rice becomes polished when the bran layer is removed, leaving perfectly milled white rice. This gluten free flour can be used as a thickening agent for sauces and puddings, as well as baked goods.


Stabilized Rice Bran
To prevent rice bran from becoming rancid, it must undergo a stabilization process. Stabilization subjects the rice bran to heat and pressure which inactivate the lipase enzyme without destroying the nutritional value of the rice bran. Therefore, it gives a long shelf life of about a year to rice bran while maintaining its powerful nutrients.